Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Charles Stross io9 Q&A

Stross offered observations on future of publishing.
In a brief Q&A session on io9.com today, Charles Stross was kind enough to answer my question on the future of publishing.

I asked him if he agreed with Robert J. Sawyer's recent interview (See related post from yesterday). In short, "Yes." But he did go on to say there is hope.

A few quotes:
... the publishing world today is almost unrecognizable from how it was 5 years ago.
The key thing to remember is that, however much you may be devoted to it as an art form, writing is a business.
[Yes, I see consolidation of large publishers/agencies...]; also a flourishing of small presses, agencies turning into e-publishers (a multi-agent literary agency has most of the folks an e-publisher needs).

Robert J. Sawyer interview:


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