Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Writing Productively (7): Configuring Custom Fields for Organizations Tab (Insightly)

This is the seventh in a series on productivity tools for writers. I use technology to minimize the tasks that I find tedious, or to help me avoid errors, and maximize the time I have to be creative.

Creating a custom field is a similar process no matter which area of Insightly you want to see the field. In the last post, I described three custom fields I added to the Organizations form to facilitate submitting to markets.

First go to Settings (the cog icon) by clicking the little down-arrow next to the profile picture in the upper right corner:

You can see Custom Fields in two places, the innermost box that has an icon for each option, or the plain looking menu to the left of it. Click either one:

You will need to select Organizations along the top menu. You can see that I have created a group and fields inside that group:

Clicking Add Group brings up a very simple form for you to give the group a name: