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Liminal.IT (Liminality)

"Science fiction is the anthropology of the future."
-Joan D. Vinge
Rites of passage consist of three stages. In the liminal phase an individual or group is in between or on the threshold of making a change, in a state of limbo, poised to transform into a new type of entity, having already left the old one behind. Humanity is in such a state today, with technology developing at a pace that outstrips society's ability to adopt it.

Liminal.it is the blog of RM Ambrose to discuss themes of technology (high to low) and society (from prehistoric to future), as well as Science Fiction and Fantasy


RM Ambrose is a writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy and Director of Web Services at Loma Linda University Health. He is also Assistant Fiction Editor at the Hugo Award winning StarShipSofa podcast. He attended the Taos Toolbox Writers Workshop in 2017 and occasionally blogs at Liminal.IT.

Ambrose's works draw on his background in Anthropology and Linguistics, music, world travel, study of Aikido, cycling, and careers in Information Technology, Banking and Higher Education. He speaks Spanish and Tagalog (Filipino), and has a particular interest in the cultures of Latin America and East Asia.

A Quaker and pacifist, his speculative essay about inventing rituals in Quakerism, "A Pacifist's Coming of Age" appears in the February 2015 issue of Friends Journal.

Ambrose’s fantasy story, "Blood Bank," about vampires in the finance industry and inspired by the controversial 2010 federal takeover of Arrowhead Credit Union, received Honorable Mention in the 2014 fourth quarter Writers of the Future contest.

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