Cellar Door Bookstore: Review of The Peripheral by William Gibson (12/14/2014)
"From the moment I picked up The Peripheral, I found it as much fun to think about as it was to read..." - Ralph Ambrose
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History in Five Minutes Podcast: Cassious M. Clay (11/24/2014)
"The topic for today's episode comes from listener, Ralph M. Ambrose... Thanks, Ralph. I immediately became interested when you mentioned the name. When I thought of somebody in the Civil War wearing an electric blue suit, I immediately thought of Jamie Foxx's character in Django Unchained." - Michael Rank

Insightly Customer Case Study: RM Ambrose (1/17/2014)
“You wouldn’t think that a writer would need a CRM, but it keeps me organized so I can meet deadlines and write more stories in spite of my busy schedule. Insightly is easy to use, and I am happily promoting it to other writers and businesses in my industry.” - RM Ambrose

Information Week: 10 Cool Back to School Tech Tools (8/19/2013)
"I think the laptop/tablet hybrid is going to replace the traditional laptop..."
"LinkedIn has done a lot to identify and better standardize how people enter the school they attended so that the data provided on the University Page is more complete." 

Information Week:  LinkedIn University Pages Debut (8/19/2013)

The University of California Riverside was one of the University Pages beta testers. Ralph Ambrose, programmer analyst for Academic Information Systems at UC Riverside, said the product will enable users to see where alumni are living and working post-graduation, and what industries they are working in.

UCR Today: Getting Personal (11/28/2012)
“I like finding solutions that allow people to do what they’re good at. It’s not about replacing people with machines. It’s about putting the machine in its proper role...”

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