Sunday, September 22, 2013

iPhone 5S TouchID - Easy to Crack

Maybe using fingerprint access wasn't such a good idea for a touchscreen device... or for any device.

Fingerprint authentication is more convenient for users than passwords, and it held promise for making security easier for end-users. However, as discussed in a recent Fingerprint authentication can bypass an individual's Fifth Amendment rights.

Organizations might still have found fingerprint authentication to be a good choice, since many corporations will not hesitate to access employee's files and emails whey they feel it is warranted. However, that appears to be a non-starter as well since iPhone 5S's TouchID has already been cracked with easy to obtain materials:
Cracking iPhone 5s TouchId

Fingerprint resistant materials might be a way to counter this flaw, and this might be one applicaiton of Research into omniphobic materials. However, fingerprints have been a great tool for law enforcement because it is so hard to prevent leaving them everywhere. Can we really control our fingerprints sufficiently?

Maybe biometric security developers need to look for a biometric feature that the human body keeps as secure as the information we want to store electronically.

Update: More security woes for IOS, a backdoor to the lock screen via Siri. Disabling Siri on the lock screen is the recommended solution.

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