Wednesday, October 2, 2013

General Assailability: Last/Best Chance to kill Obamacare During Launch

General Availability (GA) - In traditional software life-cycle, this is the version of a software application that is released after beta testing is all done and the product goes live. I like to call it General Assailability. Now everyone can try out your product and criticize it.

Obamacare launched on October 1, and it was plagued with technical glitches. Should we have expected anything less? Health Insurance is extremely complex, there are multiple providers, a challenging deadline, and there are a huge number of captive end-users (they will be required by law to either purchase insurance or pay a fine). Technical problems were inevitable because the web sites are new. I would be more surprised if there were not glitches. But it definitely creates an opportunity to enemies of Obamacare to criticize it.

Is Obamacare just a victim of its own success? Those who actually learn about Obamacare find many reasons to like it, and once it is fully implemented, it may become too popular to fight. In fact, if it were brought to a vote in the House today, it might pass.

So, now is the time to fight it. Once the bugs are worked out and people see the benefits, it will be too late.

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