Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Annalee Newitz Moderating Hieroglyph Talk

Annalee Newitz, editor-in-chief of io9, and contributor to the project, did a great job moderating the discussion on Project Hieroglyph with Neal Stephenson and Lawrence M. Krauss at LA MOCA last night. The event was expertly run by Zócalo Public Square.

After the event, I got the chance to chat with Newitz about publishing. Unfortunately, I was extremely inarticulate and couldn't remember names of any author that I wanted to mention in the conversation. Chalk it up to the fact that I was totally geeking out, plus tired from a long work day followed by an hour plus drive into LA for the event. But it was well worth it. Thanks, Annalee for the well wishes and drinking a toast to my writing career.

One tidbit I overheard Newitz telling another writer who was speaking to Newitz before me: The best way to get io9's attention if you want to write for them is to submit information about your interesting blog posts to tips@io9.com. They may be interested in using your story or at least a link to your blog.

Below is a full video of the event. At 61:12 I got the chance to ask a question of the panel (which I'll discuss in another post).



(Note: You can play the video while it's downloading, but you cannot fast forward past the point that has downloaded.)

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